Subtle messages in advertising often go unnoticed, but they're around us all the time!

While preparing to write two gigantic, in-depth posts this upcoming month, I decided to take a brief break and share with you a really neat fact about clock/watch advertisements. So, next time you’re looking at a Rolex watch in your GQ magazine, you can curse me to the heavens because you won’t be able to forget the wonderful information below!

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A view of the redesigned Twitter, as seen from my account.

This post is continued from Part I.

Part I explained how you can start to create a successful Facebook campaign for your business.  To recap, here are the three steps I outlined in that post:

  1. Create a Facebook advertisement drawing users to your page
  2. Update your Facebook page regularly and engage users
  3. Configure your Top Boxes on Facebook to separate your business

If these tips are followed, you can build a grass-roots movement with 4 hours of initial start-up time.  In fact, using these basic principles for a big firm I work with, I currently see a 2.4% daily increase in Facebook fans, or about 6,600 new followers in a 30-day span.

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