Studies in Weird Human Behavior: How to Create a Better Craigslist Ad

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Moving is always a hassle. When the summer heat comes to the northeast, so do the increased rent prices (which makes renting out an apartment a pain!).

But, as with most things, there’s a way to beat the system. After reading Nudge, I was inspired by the examples of little changes that produce huge results.

Thankfully, the perfect opportunity arose. Recently, I decided I wanted to move from my apartment in the Lower East Side of Manhattan to an apartment in a different area with a good friend. In order to move from this apartment, though, I needed to find someone to take my place. Anyone who lives in a large city knows what a pain getting rid of an apartment can be. However, in order to separate myself from the million other people trying to leave their place, I decided to test some ad variations. Below, you’ll see the four different advertisements I ran, the results, and the funny unexpected result to this process.


The Changing Face of Advertising: An Experiment with Facebook Ads

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Are the social media advocates right? Is social media really the advertising platform of the future? Or maybe the traditional crowd is in the green, and social media is a nothing but a blip that will inevitably burst. To determine the benefits of social media advertising I took Facebook Ads to the chopping board. With a multi-thousand dollar budget, I ran an experiment. How did it hold up?


Waking Up Less Tired: An Overview of WakeMate

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I hate two things in this world more than just about everything: doing my laundry and waking up early. Despite valiant efforts, I rarely feel fully rested when waking up before 9:30 in the morning. Interestingly enough, I can go to bed at 10 pm or 12 am, wake up at 7:30, and still feel equally tired. I needed to dig into my sleep habits, because often times, more sleep didn’t help me feel more rested. I looked into WakeMate to help me solve my tired feeling, and here’s my review.


Speed Up Your Laptop: 4 Tricks You Can Implement in 10 minutes

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It happens to all of us: after years of wear and tear, your computer slows down. The Internet doesn’t load as fast as it used to, you get weird pop-ups, and it takes a while to open programs. This is avoidable, though! Until recently, I had a five-year-old laptop I used daily and it’s still ridiculously fast. Using some tricks below (and not clicking on suspicious links!), I was able to increase the life of my laptop past the normal two year usable span.