I tried to create a business using AI

There’s a lot of hype around AI and what it can do for business.

Is it wishful thinking or reality? How much of AI is actually useful to grow a profitable business?

AI evangelists say AI can do “anything” and “everything”… so, as the GM of a $13 million SaaS business, I wanted to see what “everything” actually means in real business terms:

  1. Could I create a 100% AI business from scratch?
  2. What AI tools and products are good enough to share with my coaching clients?
  3. Is AI all hype, or does it have some actual, practical business value to generate real revenue?

To test the waters, my goal was to create a fully AI business from scratch:

The rules: I wouldn’t use any existing advantages to generate traffic or customers. I’d use publicly-accessible tools. And I’d start a business with an easy entry point that anyone could start.

If it worked? Free money!

And if it didn’t? It would be a great learning experience for where I could use AI in the day-to-day with our team at AppSumo Originals.

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