dmkthinks… How Did This All Start?

Back in 2009, when I started dmkthinks, I had no idea what I was doing. I was still in college. I knew I wanted to share something with the world… I just wasn’t sure what.

A picture of me in college
College me, circa 10 years ago. I also had a terrible haircut, was pale as a ghost, and liked to drink a lot of jungle juice…

So, I started writing about whatever came to mind…

How to improve your company’s Twitter presence in the early days of social media. Health hacks to gain muscle quickly. Electronics that every life hacker should own.

And so much more.

And then, my content started being picked up and shared. People were reading and commenting from all over the world.

Many thousands of page views, and years, later I’m still here.

At a high-level, my blog is all about being successful — in your business and life. Whether that’s growth marketing hacks, strategies that most businesses miss, what I’ve learned building a 7-figure business… or even how to be healthier so you can live a more balanced, fulfilled life. I cover the entire “stack” of success.

Heck, I even created a sister site called Heartbreak Help for people going through a breakup. Vulnerability, authenticity, and healthy emotional coping are part of being successful.

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you enjoy.

My Professional Background

My day job is leading our $3.5+ million SaaS business called AppSumo Originals.

I’m also a coach to startups who want to grow faster and better (especially using the power of AI/GPT-4).

I’ve been recruited by, or consulted with, some of the biggest names in high-growth businesses: McKinsey, Massage Envy, Bitly, Sticker Mule, Wordable, the government of Switzerland, and 100+ other impressive businesses.

You can find out more about my past and current experience by looking at my LinkedIn.

To see more of my writing, research, and ideas, I’ve been featured in:

  • Get Busy Media, a Technorati top-100 small business blog (for a while, I had the second-most popular post on the site).
  • Neil Strauss’ website, best-selling author of “The Game” and Rolling Stone contributor.
  • I Will Teach You to be Rich, a financial entrepreneurship blog with 750,000+ readers a month run by Silicon Valley startup co-founder Ramit Sethi.
  • LosingYourParents.org podcast and website, which was voted a GoodTherapy.org top 10 “Grief & Loss” blog worldwide.
  • Grief Healing Blog (website, Twitter account, and Pinterest). Run by Marty, a certified grief counselor. Grief Healing Blog is voted one of the Healthline “Best Health Blogs”, and a Top 30 Counseling Blog.

You can also email me directly at hi@dmkthinks.org.