Discounts and Referral Codes to 4 Products I Love

Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite tools — and giving you discounts to use them, too.

Each of the tools below use my referral codes so you can try them out and save.

These tools can help you automatically save on delayed flights (Service), track all your award programs (AwardWallet), save on products for entrepreneurs (Sumo Market), and more.

I only feature tools that I regularly use and love. In fact, I recently turned away a product that ask to be featured on this blog because I don’t use them.

Here are 4 tools I love, and discounts to use them…

I use Service to track my flights so I know if I can get compensation for any delays.

Get $20 off Service. Love this tool. Monitors your inbox for flight delays and if you’re overpaying for a hotel. You don’t have to do anything, it automatically scans your inbox for you.

Many fliers don’t know delayed or cancelled flights can net you hundreds of dollars (I recently had an international flight cancelled and got ~$700 back). Service helps you easily recoup money for cancelled and delayed flights.

Here’s a tip: you don’t have to put your payment info when you first sign up for Service. Just mark that you’ll do it later, and then let Service scan your inbox. If it finds you any potential compensation, you can see the details and then enter your payment info if you’re interested.

Get a free ride on a fun scooter with Bird

Get a free ride with Bird. The future of travel. Bird is one of the hottest tech startups around. Their product is a dockless electric scooter you can use in major cities all around the world. With insanely reasonable prices, Bird is great for those short trips of 1-3 miles to the grocery store, bars, or other errands that you don’t want to walk or pay for an Uber.

I use Bird when I want to get somewhere fast, and each trip only costs me around $1. Plus, it’s fun to ride electric scooters!

AwardWallet will help you keep track of all your award and points programs.

Free AwardWallet Plus upgrade. Everyone should sign up for rewards programs for everything they can — flights, trains, food, movies, whatever. Even if you infrequently use these services, you can still get free things or discounts.

And when you start signing up for lots of rewards programs, it can be difficult to track and manage.

AwardWallet is a tool I’ve used for years to more easily track the 20+ reward programs I use. Reward programs like Southwest, Delta, Amtrak, my credit cards, and even AMC Theaters.

I love AwardWallet because it keeps all rewards programs in an easy-to-see view with the points you have. Plus, it saves your login information so you can more easily book your next awards trip.

Sumo Market
Sumo Market offers products for entrepreneurs at 20%+ off retail.

Get $5 at Sumo Market. Sumo Market was created by seasoned entrepreneurs as part of Sumo Group (AppSumo, Sumo, and KingSumo). The team at Sumo knows what entrepreneurs need — because they’ve been there themselves.

With Sumo Market, you get discounts to the coolest physical products for entrepreneurs. The items for sale on Market include SUAVS ultra-comfy shoes (aka the better version of Allbirds), the Ergodriven Topo award-winning standing mat, and more new deals every week.

What are your favorite tools to use? What else am I missing? Leave a comment below.

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