Turn Your Idea or Business into an Automatic Profit Machine — Email Marketing

Can email marketing help your business?

If you’re running a nonprofit, creative business, or you’re a social entrepreneur… growing your business is hard!

Email marketing is one of the BEST marketing channels.

Unlike Facebook Ads, or Instagram influencers, it doesn’t cost you a dime — and email marketing gets you results even while you sleep. ??

Best of all, your goals with email marketing can change over time.

  • Want free signups to your product? Great. Email can help you get your first free customers.
  • Want to turn FREE customers into PAYING customers? Fantastic. Email can convert your free customers into sales.
  • Or, want to do something totally different and use an email to drive donations? Awesome. We launched an email last year that generated $31,479 in donations for a charity.
Drive more free users, paid users, and more using email marketing!

In this workshop, I’ll teach you will teach you about how to use email marketing for your idea , nonprofit, or business.

You’ll learn:

  • How to get your first 10 subscribers
  • What do you write in your emails? You’ll see real examples of effective emails that anyone can write
  • How to write a simple marketing funnel in 30 minutes that gets you results — automatically. Even if you’re not technical, you’re a brand-new business, or you’ve never done email marketing before… this workshop will help you get started. Who is David? David is the General Manager of SendFox, an email marketing tool. And before that, he was an email marketer at Student Loan Hero (acq. LendingTree).

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