Executive Coaching

You’re a SaaS founder or executive… and you can’t afford any mistakes.

Especially in this economy, all the pressure is on YOU to make sure all your decisions get a ROI.

There’s no room for error. And you don’t want to mess up.

Googling around “how to grow my startup” or “the best marketing tips for 2023” isn’t cutting it anymore. There’s too much information, too many articles written by AI or people who have never actually built a startup.

You want real, actual, proven answers to your startup questions.

I can help.

I’ve helped 100+ entrepreneurs go from the startup to the “grow-up” phase of their business. I’m especially focused on helping five and six-figure business grow to $1+ million in yearly revenue (and beyond).

I use real strategies that I really learned growing our AppSumo Originals products from zero to millions of dollars in yearly revenue… with a small team and a near-zero marketing budget.

My clients — past and present — include fast-growing SaaS businesses like Wordable, Brokkr, AidQuest, TradeZella, and so many more. You can read what entrepreneurs say about me on GrowthMentor.

My specialties:

  • How to become a true executive — and build the successful organization that you always wanted. Learn real strategies to improve your leadership mindset, who and how to hire, marketing and growth tactics, and more.
  • Fast-and-proven marketing and growth strategies (the same I’ve used to grow our $3.5+ million per-year business).
  • Proven methods to maximize your productivity and focus on what matters… so you grow faster.

And lots more.

If you want to learn more about my coaching, grab a time below.

General Questions

If you want to know more about me and my site, check out my About page.

If you have any feedback about my site, general questions, or want me to write about anything, you can contact me at hi@dmkthinks.org.