How we reached #1 on Product Hunt

Product Hunt is one of my favorite marketing channels for generating leads, signups, and purchasers to a SaaS product.

No other channel I know can offer quick results with a massive audience (millions of users) for no cost.

And, any SaaS product — following a specific plan — can get great results from Product Hunt.

Today, I’m going to show you how we launched TidyCal 3.0 on Product Hunt… and reached #1 product of the day and week. We even beat out Notion — a company that has 100x resources — for the top spot. A big win for the underdogs!

It’s not just a one-hit wonder either: We’ve had multiple top five products over the years happen by following a repeatable framework that you can do, too.

In this post, I’ll show you our playbook to be the top product on Product Hunt. Plus, I’ll share our results.

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