How CEOs and founders can hire and manage team members

One of the questions I get asked the most from my coaching clients is about hiring…

“How do I hire and manage new team members?!”

Often, the founders and CEOs I coach still have responsibilities as operators. They run day-to-day tasks like coding, product roadmapping, marketing, and sales.

So, they want to know how to effectively hire and manage… while also keeping the business running and completing their daily todos.

At AppSumo Originals, we’ve generated $12+ million over the past five years with a small but effective team. I generally try to optimize revenue per-employee as a core metric and north star.

And, it’s been a success.

We have 7 team members — with an average tenure of 5+ years — who support 500,000+ users and $3.5+ million in yearly revenue. Big results from a small team!

One of our core revenue KPIs/levers for one of our largest products.

A big reason for our “outsized” success is how we hire and align our team.

Using a real example of a hire I’m planning in Q4 2023, here’s how founders and CEOs can grow their team without growing their headache...

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