How We Beat Our Business Goals in 2022 (While Everything Else Crashed)

2022 was not a great year for business and tech in general…

But it was for our team at AppSumo Originals.

Across the board, we saw record-setting metrics for our team — and we had no layoffs.

Our main KPI for 2022 was 34% higher YoY than 2021.

The way we run Originals is different than how many other tech organizations run.

Instead of chaotic growth, we focus on sound business decisions that can survive nearly any economic climate. It might be a bit slower, but while other companies are struggling right now… we’re thriving.

As I teach my coaching clients, focusing on long-term sustainable growth is overlooked in tech.

Too many tech CEOs are pressured into ”growth at all costs” and keeping up with the Joneses. And we see the harsh reality today with dozens of previously-darling tech companies struggling (layoffs, stock plummeting, unhappy team members, etc.)

As I’ve been reflecting how Originals did so well on 2022 compared to other technology companies, here’s what we did differently.

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