How to Make Sales for Your Startup

Selling is hard. You’re trying to convince people to give you their hard-earned money for your product.

Plus, you’re competing against every other company out there trying to get their money, too!

And when you have a startup? It’s even harder.

You’re trying to convince people to give you money… and your product is likely not very good yet. Or it’s not built at all yet (and you’re just selling hopes and dreams).

Recently, we launched SendFox — a new SaaS product from Sumo Group.

There are lots of startup people out there who give “advice” on how to create a business, or how to do sales.

The problem is, they’re delusional or they’re lying.

They’re sharing advice based from their company that has been around for years and already has momentum. Or, they’re sharing theoretical tips that don’t really work — maybe they’ve never actually done sales before, and they don’t  know what they’re talking about.

Today, I’m sharing ACTUAL advice we used to grow a brand-new startup from day one.

You’ll see we grew SendFox from $0 to $27,480 ARR in four months.

SendFox ARR
Chart of our MRR at SendFox. Multiply by 12 and you get our approx. ARR.

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