5 WordPress Plugins That Will Improve Your Blog’s Readership, Accesibility, and Ease of Use

Although many people don't use them, extensions are a great way to amp up your WordPress blog.

If you’re like most people, you don’t like tinkering with things. You buy a router, plug it in, and start using it. No configuration, no third party firmware: you just want it to work. However, because you’re reading a blog on life hacking/productivity, you’re not like most people! You’re willing to put the work and effort in to become a better person. Therefore, when you install WordPress, you’re going to want to optimize the crap out of it. With thousands upon thousands of extensions, WordPress allows you to do that. There are picture gallery extensions, spam protection extensions, and database backup extensions. In essence, there’s an extension for everything. In fact, running a WordPress blog without extensions is like buying a TV, just plugging it in, and watching, completely negating the opportunity to look through the menus for little things that could improve the picture. Here, then, are a few extensions to make WordPress run better, faster, and stronger.

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