Image of the New York City billboards

Image of the New York City billboards (thanks to Adrienne Jean Fisher on Flickr)

Advertising is the lifeblood of online content.  How does Google manage to stay in business?  Online ads.  Mashable?  CNN?  That random blog you frequent?  The vast majority of the digital world is paid for by advertising.

With hundreds of millions of people accessing the Internet daily, it’s no mystery why: there are a lot of eyes looking at web pages and, therefore, a lot of opportunity to earn money.

With 750 million users, Facebook is the second largest website in the world.  Because the opportunity to appeal to such a large demographic is rare, Facebook knows that advertisers lick their lips at the chance to be in front of so many eyeballs. And thus, the Facebook Ads platform was born!  You pay money to advertise your fan page, website, or application on Facebook.  As a result, you (hopefully) get people clicking your link!  If done properly, Facebook ads are beneficial for Facebook, and you, the advertiser.

Because Facebook Ads are so new, very few people know how to fully unlock the potential of the platform. After this how-to, dear reader, you’ll be one of those super lucky people.

This guide is split into six different sections, starting with the basics (e.g. what are the different types of Facebook ads?) and ending with a full run-down of how to create (and maintain) a successful campaign.  The article is filled with examples of my experiences with Facebook advertising (including how I managed to blow through a few thousand dollars in less than 72 hours!) so you can learn from my mistakes.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.  Come on, I promise it’ll be painless. :)

Section 1: Overview of Facebook Ads

Section 2: Benefits of Facebook Ads

Section 3: How-To Create Facebook Ads

Section 4: Example Facebook Ads

Section 5: Results of Facebook Ads

Section 6: Downsides to Facebook Ads

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