A Random Interview: Aspiring World-Changer, Alex Banaga

A sky at night with gorgeous stars. Picture by Scott Cresswell on Flickr.
The beauty of the Universe.

When I was a kid, more than anything, I wanted to be an astronomer. I would lay on the grass in the front yard of my parents’ house in New Hampshire, look up at the stars, and wonder what life was like away from Earth. Every Saturday, I would sit on the floor of my bedroom and eagerly flip through astronomy books as I learned about nebulae and red dwarfs; black holes and asteroids. At night, when I slowly succumbed to the sounds of crickets and the softness of the breeze outside my bedroom window, I would have dreams about discovering new planets. The universe was so vast, so inspiring, so… amazing.

I love telling my stories and I love hearing the stories of others. The woman you see walking her dog every day has a touching story from her childhood about loss. The student at your local coffee shop, who constantly wears headphones and is so focused on the screen in front of him, has as a tale with trials and tribulations that are hard to believe.

It’s always fun to hear the stories of the millionaires and billionaires, the celebrities and VIPs. But everyone has a story to tell, even if you don’t have the shiniest car or thickest wallet–and this inspired me to talk to the “normal,” everyday people around me; to understand what they’ve been through, what their early years were like, what path they took. Like everyone, they’ve been through good times and bad times, tough times and easy times. And I wanted to help them tell their tales.

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