Psychology Behind Cold Reading: Why are Psychics Always Right?

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Have you ever been to a psychic? If not, I’m sure you can point to a friend who has. Furthermore, I’m sure you have a friend who is an extreme believer in the power of psychics. Whether it’s foreseeing our future, telling us how a deceased loved one is handling the afterlife, or detailing the mistakes we’ve made in the past, psychics usually tell us things we want to hear (and believe are correct). Well, how did the psychics know this? This article breaks down all the details on the psychology behind psychics and cold reading.


How-To: Create Kick-Ass Facebook Ads and Grow Your Fan Page

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Advertising is the lifeblood of online content websites. How does Google manage to stay in business? Online ads. Mashable? CNN? That random blog you frequent? The vast majority of online content is paid for by advertising. In this article, I show you how to create a Facebook Ads campaign from start to finish (including how I managed to blow through a few thousand dollars worth of ads in 72 hours!)


The New Age of Interaction: How to Improve Your Business’ Facebook Presence

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“Wow, how can a Fortune 100 company fail so badly in the social media field?” I remember saying while reading about the recent social media screw-ups at Honda, Taco Bell, Asus, Domino’s, and Belkin.

The more I dug, the more company social media disasters I seemed to find. In fact, social media disasters are a huge issue facing companies: a quick Google search using the keywords “company social media disaster” yielded over 10 million results.

For the last few months, I’ve been doing independent social media consulting for a small design firm. One of their biggest concerns is allowing too much user interaction on their site and, as a result, getting rude comments and failing.

Does this happen? Yes, it does. However, not nearly as much as you think, and it can be mitigated if you know what you’re doing. In fact, the benefit of a strong social media campaign can be startling to sales, customer approval, and customer retention. Let’s look at how, with a few easy steps, you can improve your company’s social media campaign by roughly 200% in 30 days.

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5 Continents in the Past Year: How I Traveled and Saw the World

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Hi, my name is David. I’m a 22-year-old male and I have the travel bug. I don’t know what it is about traveling, but I can’t stop. Within the past year, I’ve been to 5 of the 6 continents, about 30 different countries, and a fair number more cities. What started as a semester abroad has quickly spiraled into an obsession: Ecuador, Turkey, Austria, Spain, Costa Rica, France; I’ve been to more places than I could have dreamed of. However, all of this traveling is recent; two years ago the only times I left the lower 48 was for a family vacation to Aruba and a quick, weekend getaway to Puerto Rico. So, if I can start traveling–a sheltered, poor college student–so can you. Here’s some advice on traveling cheaply yet enjoyably from someone who’s recently been to where you want to go.