Quick Tip to Get Free USPS Mailing Boxes/Envelopes Delivered to Your Doorstep

Mailing boxes and envelopes
Some of the free mailing materials I've received over the past few months.

This is a trick I learned a few years ago when selling products on eBay and mailing things to friends through the United States Postal Service. Using a hidden, but completely legal and safe trick, you can have up to 500 Flat rate USPS Priority Mail boxes (in about 15 different sizes), Priority Mail envelopes, and Express Mail envelopes and boxes mailed to you completely free of charge in 2-3 business days. As a result, you can walk into the Post Office, pay postage, and leave much quicker than you ever did before.

I hate the Post Office almost more than anything in life (spare the DMV), so I’m a huge fan of spending as little time there as possible. Thankfully, this trick has saved me a ton of time at my local USPS office. By logging on to a somewhat-hidden part of the USPS website, you can order anywhere from 50 to 600 Flat Rate mailing boxes, Priority envelopes, or Express envelopes to be delivered to you free. As of today, here are the links to order all three:

  1. Flat Rate mailing boxes
  2. Express Mail mailing envelopes and boxes
  3. Priority Mail mailing envelopes and boxes

Priority mail gets to the person in typically 2-3 business days (I usually see it on the shorter side; a package I mailed from NH to PA last week was two days), while Express Mail has a 1 day turn around. If you’re a business person, there’s also free invoice mailing forms, customs declaration forms, and mailing labels (among others) available on the website.

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